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Hey people, this is Rufus.

I like violins.  I think they are pretty.  I can't play a note on them.  ....I think they are pretty.

I wrote a poem about them too.  I'm sorry if this isn't very good, I wrote this at around 11 o'clock last night .  Please enjoy.



Ode to ViolinsCollapse )


Bunni and Rufus! (In the cosplay flesh)

 Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well -^   -   ^-

I've found myself with more time than planned, hence all the while wondering what I should do with myself, so I thought I would post cosplay pictures of myself and Rufus here! 

Uwahh ^  -  ^

These were taken at the MatsuriCon 2008, Rufus being a spectacular Reno and Bunni, myself, being Zack Fair!

So, with out further ado, here they are! Enjoy :D

Zack Fair & RenoCollapse ) 

Thanks for reading everyone! I have a lot of fanfics that I'll post soon! Have a good day everyone -^   -   ^-



Summer Memories ^ ^ Bunni posting!

Hey everyone! Bunni here! Hope you're all doing well! ^ - ^

Surprisingly, I've been really busy lately :D School is starting back really early for me, August 18th *cringe*, so I'm trying to cram everything that I still need to do this summer into these last two weeks ^ ^

I am very excited though, because the MatsuriCon is the weekend I get back in school! (August 22-24) So that's a nice something to look forward to ^ ^

But recently I've found the time to sit down and think about what I've done this summer. And to tell the truth, so much has happened this summer! I think back to the day I got out of school to now, and I've gained so many new memories and learned so much...it makes me happy ^ ^

So, for my boredom sake, here is a list I've come up with ^ ^ Maybe some of you guys will reconize these :D

This Summer

○ I went on Vacation with my friends to the beach.
○ I wrote more fanfics than I ever have in my life.
○ I dusted off my piano and began to play it again.
○ I started to sing to my favorite songs again.
○ I found confidence in ballet for the first time.
○ I began to study French.
○ I drew the hardest picture I've ever drawn.
○ I started/worked on/finished my Zack Fair cosplay.
○ I made a real life buster sword.
○ I fell in love with Final Fantasy.
○ I fell more in love with my boyfriend, and realized just how much he means to me.
○ I made a lot of new friends, online and in the real world.
○ I had my birthday.
○ I wrote my first M rated yaoi fanfic.
○ I started liking myself more.
○ I am going to my fourth anime convention.
○ I have glomped more people than I ever thought possible.
○ I began practicing the piano every day.
I started a chrysanthemum garden.
○ I found the beauty of flowers and things that fly.
○ I started looking up at the sky whenever I needed inspiration or a little happiness.
○ I improved my DDR skills significantly.
○ I played my first shooter game.
○ I took the best picture I have ever taken in my whole life.
○ I realized how kind my friends are to me.
○ I baked food and people acutally ate it.
○ I made my first batch of icons.
○ I found the joys of Photoshop.
○ I rolled down a hill of grass until my clothes were stained green.
○ I am currently getting my own room.
○ I made my own tea.
○ I learned how to spell honorificabilitudinitatibus, and realized it was a real word.
○ I took the time to read all my past livejournal posts.
○ I started my own lj comm with my best friend in this whole world,

lacheln_mir (and lo and behold, here we are!)
○ I got all my school suppiles.
○ I listened to a inspirational song 137 times in a row, and counting.
○ I wrote a list of things I did this summer. 

Ah, I think that's everything! If you guys have anything else on the list to add, please feel free to tell me! :D 

Thanks for reading! ^ - ^  Take care everyone, have a good day!




RaveMaster- Where did it go?

Do any of you guys remember that show called Rave Master?  When I was little I remember waking up early to go watch it (along with Digimon and Shamen King) until one day it got canceld.  Recently I found the manga in the stores and decided to read it.  I got back into it and kept reading book after book until one day I couldn't find any more.  The series didn't really end it just...stopped.  It's like....something really big...ate the end of it.  I'm scared now and I was wondering if I'll ever find out what happens to Haru and Plue.  Who ever wrote this series better kick their lazy @$$ into gear and finish the series.  If not I may have to come and force you too at gun point, so BEWARE!  If anyone finds a half eaten manga book with a big chomp out of it that says something like "Rave Master - the final saga" please send it to me or something.  I'm dying here!  

....Have a nice day! Ski-des!


YES! Bunni posted

Hello everyone -^  -  ^-

Um, my name is really long so you can just call me Rufus!  I'd ask you're name but...yeah.  Any way ^ ^
Bunni is my mai-mai and I'm extremily pleased to be in a community with her (even if I'm not entirely sure what to do with it ^ ^' )  We talk about anime and all that jazz a lot so we decided to put some of it up on the computer for all you little apples to enjoy.

I like to write stories about lots of things but romance seems to be my most recent theme since I found a nice inspiration.  As bunni said I just can't seem to keep a pencil out of my hand for long.  We're trying to write a story together wich only done a few times before.  I enjoy wrighting with her and hope to do it more often but I'm not going to let any spoilers slip out about this latest story.

Okay doke,  I think I'll rap up now since I don't have much to say.  I hope that you had a plesant visit and that you found this community to be satisfactory.  Requests are welcome and I'm glad that you stopped by!

Picko picko *bow*


Introduction / Fanfic Flowers ((Bunni))

Hello everyone! This is Chocobo Cloud here! You can call me Bunni ^ - ^ Anyway, welcome to Lachen_Mir! I'm very humbled by your visit, that you very much ^ ^ RufusYomada and I are actually very close friends in real life, so it's convinent when we're co-authoring stories, or for whenever we just want to ramble about our otaku obsessions ^ - ^

Anyway! I'm the less mature one of the two, *laugh* I tend to be childish and my fanfics reflect that sometimes, as I enjoy writing fluff. But I can be serious in my writing style when I need to :3 I really do enjoy writing though, Zack/Cloud fics mostly. But most pairings will do, as long as I have fun while writing it ^ - ^ Rufus and I are currently trying to start co-authoring a fanfic, but we're very open about our ideas right now...so stand by on those for now!

On the note of wrapping up my introduction...I'm just an aspiring otaku with a lot of big dreams and hopes ^ - ^ Developing my drawing skills, improving my writings, and just trying to make my mark in the world
^ ^

Thanks for listening to my rambling! As a reward, I present you with all my final fantasy VII fanfics ^ - ^ Zack/Cloud is the majority of the fics. They are my favorite couple ever...I really love them ^ ^ (Oh...and if you're wondering why I called it fanfic flowers...it's because I really really adore flowers ^ - ^ And when you put flowers together, it makes a bouquet! So...this is my Fanfic bouquet to you all :3 )

Here they are! Please enjoy ^ - ^

Must Be Dreaming
Must Be DreamingCollapse )

Morning Air, Nighttime Breeze

Morning Air, Nighttime BreezeCollapse )

Morning Air, Nighttime Breeze, chapter 2
Morning Air, Nighttime Breeze, chapter IICollapse )

FallingCollapse )

A Little Bit of Me
A Little Bit of MeCollapse )

Thanks for reading! We'll get a lot of cool stuff up soon, so please keep an eye on us! ^ - ^